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The product made from the transesterification of vegetable oils is called biodiesel or methyl ester. Although some media attention has been paid to using vegetable oils in diesel motors, biodiesel is a different product. Our process removes and breaks larger and more viscous glycerol ester molecules that do combust well in modern diesel engines.

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The culture of sweet sorghum and sweet pearl millet are sustainable and renewable crops, and are an excellent alternative to wood. They reduce deforestation all over the world and provide opportunity to produce an economical and ecological fuel: ‘’ethanol’’.  
Purthanol Resources’’ aims to produce ethanol at 50 to 98% concentration or better from sweet sorghum and sweet pearl.


27 December, 2016
Plans to create micro facilities are being made as a joint venture is being forged

22 October, 2016

Purthanol puts a plan for delivering biofuel to customers directly 

18 Dcember, 2016

Purthanol Canada Limited secure a deal with major creditor Fier of Asbestos to secure the facility in Richmond.

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PURTHANOL refinery was established from the acquisition of the Biocardel facility in Richmond Quebec, Canada. The acquisition was seen as one of the firsts in what most people thought was the initial step to creating direct retail fueling industry. We specialize in bringing alternative fuels to the public. Alternative fuels are of growing importance, because of fluctuation of oil prices and very serious problems with global warming and climate changes.